How to become a member
  1. Any person desiring to be a member of the club shall apply on the prescribed application form after paying membership registration fees as approved by the Management Committee.
  2. He shall attach to the Application Form two passport photographs, each of self and spouse (where applicable)
  3. The Applicant must be proposed by two ordinary resident members each of whom must have been a member of the club for not less than thirty (36) consecutive months, and the application must be countersigned by a member of the Management Committee
  4. The application will then be submitted to the Membership Secretary who shall process same and call for objections by pasting the application form on the Notice Board together with the passport photographs
  5. The application must be processed and pasted on the Notice Board for objections not later than thirty (30) days from the date when the application was submitted and any objection to the application must be within thirty (30) days from the date of the calling for objections.
  6. At the end of the period given for objections, the application forms and the passport photographs, together with any objections, shall then be submitted by the Membership Secretary to an ad hoc Membership Committee to be set up by the Management Committee, to interview the intending member and make recommendations to the Management Committee, which shall consider such recommendations in accordance with the provisions of the Club rules.
  7. If an applicant is rejected in the admission process, such applicant shall not qualify for re-application until after two years.
  8. An applicant who is rejected, shall have the balance of his admission fees only refunded to him, calculated pro rata based on twelve(12) calendar months from the date of application, or shall forfeit 25% of the fee, whichever is higher.