About Aba Sports Club
Aba Sports Club was founded as Aba European Club in 1921 and incorporated as such on 12th March, 1926.
Its membership was then exclusively European, but by 1926, it had admitted 12 Africans. Thereafter, African membership of the Club increased; and in 1970, the first Nigerian President of the Club, Mr. Raleke Nwosu was elected.
The changes brought about by independence, led to the re-naming of the Club as Aba Club, and with the growing interest of the Club in Sports, the name was again changed, on 14th October 1982, to Aba Sports Club, which it has retained till today.
Membership is open to every prospective applicant, provided that he or she satisfies the prescribed requirements. Membership of the Club under a reciprocal membership arrangement, enables its members to gain access to facilities provided by its affiliated Clubs and vice-versa. The affiliate Clubs are listed on membership identity cards.
The administration of the Club is vested in a Management Committee headed by a President. The Committee appoints members of sub- ,and ad-hoc, Committees to carry-out special assignments for the Club.
The rules of the Club provide for three Trustees who are appointed for the purposes of the Companies and Allied Matters Act as amended from time to time.
There is an equipped library named after the Late Sir Louis Mbanefo, a past Trustee of the Club.

To be recognised as a reputable Sports Club in Nigeria that promotes healthy lifestyle through the provision of a diverse range of viable sport, recreation and leisure activities.
We are committed to promoting excellence in Local, Regional and National sports competition by developing standards of good sportsmanship and skill development.
  • Passion: We instill love that encourages sports for life
  • Respect: We promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for individuals
  • Integrity: We act in a fair, consistent and transparent manner
  • Dedication: we expect all members to make a commitment to the club
  • Excellence: We set, work towards, and achieve the highest standards